Roundtables extend your business interests and reach through planned discussions centered around a shared interest, industry, or decision maker. They narrow your networking focus to ideal contacts, clients and strategic relationships. Roundtables are created, usually by members, apart from our regular monthly events.

Below are the current roundtables formed by members. 

  • Healthcare Roundtable
  • Facilities/Property Managers Roundtable: This roundtable brings together those who provide services to facilities/property managers. Seats are limited to one speciality and/or service provider per industry.
  • Schools Roundtable
  • Non-profit Roundtable: A roundtable for those who serve non-profits and would like to build new strategic relationships with people who also serve non-profits.
  • Targeting CEOs: This roundtable is a strategic group of business development professionals who serve the same decision maker – CEOs.

Interested in joining or forming a roundtable? Contact us