The Rainmakers® Networking Toolkit is our cutting edge technology that helps members connect with the right people faster.  MatchMaker® allows you to fill out a profile about your business development needs and reports back with a list of people that are strategic partner potentials.  Among many other helpful tools, AddressTwo® Small Business CRM (Basic Edition) is included to help you stay on top of your follow up.

 Any time of day, you can login to the Rainmakers® Networking Toolkit and find contact information for fellow members, pull lists of the people you need to connect with by industry, city, zip code, etc.

 Connect with the ‘right’ connections for you faster and get great at follow-up.  Our tools will help!

The Action-Circle Experience is Now Online. Complete a profile and let MatchMaker find your next 1:1 with fellow Rainmaker members and contacts.

Do you serve on an Action Board? The Hub Driver tool will help you create strategic connections for your fellow board members by inviting your contacts to attend your event.

As a Rainmaker member, you get a free AddressTwo® Small Business CRM account to store, organize, and take notes on the contacts you meet both in and out of Rainmakers—even upload your own list to organize and track.

Looking for a specific member? Search the entire Rainmakers database to find contact information for fellow members. And, with one click you can add them to your AddressTwo database as one of your contacts for follow-up.

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