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What Our Members Have to Say

Rainmakers was my first intro to networking in 2012 and I’ve been a member ever since. I love how it continues to evolve to meet the needs of its members and the times.Through the variety of events with people from different industries, I’ve increased both my network and my business. Rainmakers really lives up to its motto ‘Be. Do. Have. Give!
Anna Kantzavelos

I’ve been a Rainmaker since 2004. In the sixteen years I’ve been a member, Rainmakers has been the biggest single source of new business of all of my prospecting vehicles.
What I most like about Rainmakers is that it allows me to be in charge of how I shape my strategic network. I have the freedom to select the events that best fit the profile of my strategic partners and prospects without being required to attend a specific meeting.
It also gives me the freedom to shape my network the way I desire so that I can choose those people with whom I want to share my referrals rather than having that network set for me.
The secret to making Rainmakers work is not to use it to directly find clients. The secret is to forge relationships with those people who can lead you to clients and leverage their networks to multiply your network instead of simply adding to it with prospects.
Jim Patton