Featured Member: Ted Layne

Featured Member: Ted Layne

How business growth can kill productivity and quality.

Many times, as your company grows, so do your problems – and without the right systems and measurements in place, you may be wasting money and hurting your bottom line. Here are three ways to know when it’s time to get outside help and finally get what you should out of your resources.

1. There’s inconsistency in quality

No one ever sets off in business to do a bad job, yet often we fail to put in place key performance indicators (KPIs) for what we expect from our employees and resource investments as we grow. It’s easy to manage yourselves when you’re small, but as employees come on board, they must know what is expected of them too.

2. Your profit ratio is declining as you get bigger.

More investment should equate to bigger profits, and if that is not occurring in your business, it’s time to find out why. Getting a trained professional third party assessment can help to identify where the problems are.

3. You can’t tell if your changes are making a difference

We often recognize when changes need to be made in our business, but frequently can’t tell if those changes are making a difference. This is just “change for change sake”.

If your company is having one or more of these issues due to recently hiring new employees, a large increase in clients or orders, or a large investment in new technology, it’s time to consider whether you have the pieces in place to make the most of this opportunity. Call us at eImagine. We’re just want you need to help get your arms around your business.

Ted Layne is a Director with eImagine – a local company designed to help growing businesses better manage and protect their resources as well work more efficiently, reduce costs, and increase productivity. You can learn more about eImagine by visiting their website at www.thinketg.com


Ted’s Niche:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Governmental Departments

Good Connections for Xpedishon:

  • CEOs / CFO’s
  • Business Coaches
  • IT Consulting Firms



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