Featured Member: Matt Maudlin

Featured Member: Matt Maudlin

How to Generate 30 Leads in Less Than 30 Days with Email Marketing

Here’s a plan to kick-start a lead generation program for your business. When it comes to marketing, most businesses forget that they probably can already identify the EXACT businesses that would make ideal clients for them. So if that is the case for you, then it would make a lot of sense to market straight to them, right? (YES!)

Next, wouldn’t it be great to KNOW if these businesses actually feel they may need your products and services? (YES!!)

So here’s a roadmap to achieving the kind of leads you need from your business.

Week #1: Create top 100 hit list

If you want to do this right and achieve what you can out of this effort, you need a list of at least 100 businesses that would make ideal clients for you. Once you have the list of companies, identify the decision maker at each company, including their name and email address. If this information is not readily available on the internet, a phone call may be required.

If you would like to see a script of how that phone call could sound, click here to download it.

Week #2: Send one email directly to the decision maker and offer him/her two things FREE that will help their business.

The best way to engage the decision maker is to offer them something that would truly help their business – and offer it for FREE. Yep, that’s right – free. Build some good will and share your expertise, but make sure what you offer is aligned with two different problems you can help them with if they hired you. For example, if you are a commercial heating and cooling company, offer a document on “10 ways to save on winter fuel costs” and an article on “selecting the right cooling system for your facility.” Or if you are a copywriter, offer a document on the “5 items every article should contain” and a free edit of an existing article.

Regardless of what you offer, make them provide you their name and email address to download it. When they do, invite them to opt-in to receive occasional emails from you that will offer more helpful tips and tools like these. When they download one or both of these free offers, now they have shared with you what they feel their problem could be.

I have written lots of these initial emails for clients. Click here to download a FREE sample of one.

Week #3: Now offer those companies interested a reason to do business with you.

Now that you know what a company’s problem is, you can offer them a reason to do business with you. Give them a coupon for the very service you know they need, or offer a FREE evaluation or inspection of what they need to fix. If they have opted in to your email correspondence, you can do this by email and track their interest more. If they haven’t, send them your offer by postcard with a link to a page to register and redeem the offer.

Week #4: Measure your results.

Did this get you your 30 leads in 30 days? If not, what went wrong? The great fact of this plan is that all stages are measurable. That means if you didn’t get at least 30% of your companies to download your free info or tools – AND you followed the sample email template above, then either 1.) your list doesn’t feel they have the problems you think they do, or 2.) the free offers weren’t compelling enough. Tweak one or both and try again next month. If you got at least 30% to download your free stuff, but less than 30% didn’t take advantage of your offer to do business with you, look to tweak the offer. Make it something they can’t refuse – and win them over as a long-time client.

Email marketing can be a VERY effective lead generation tool when used in the proper way. Our firm helps businesses leverage email marketing and we would love the opportunity to discuss how we can help yours as well.

Matt Maudlin is the owner of The Email Experts, an email marketing firm specializing in full-service email marketing for businesses and business-based member organizations. They specialize in lead generation of new clients as well as existing clients. For more information, visit their website at www.GetTheEmailExperts.com or call (317) 407-9110

The Email Experts has a special discount just for Rainmakers. $50 off per month for 6 months for all new monthly Rainmaker clients. Contact Matt at 317.407.9110 or by email at matt@GetTheEmailExperts.com for more details.

Matt’s Niche:

  • Businesses in growth mode with a need for sales support
  • Businesses-based membership organizations with aggressive membership growth goals

Good Connections for Matt:

  • Business Coaches
  • Sales Managers
  • Executive Directors for Chambers
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants


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