Featured Member: This Can Be You

Featured Member: This Can Be You

Here’s How It Works

The Email Experts will interview you to identify a main problem your business solves for customers and then will write a 3-4 paragraph article on that problem. Focusing on the problem rather than the solution will help other Rainmakers to relate to you and help you find great connections. Once the article is complete and approved by you, a Rainmakers event email (highlighting you, your business, and your new article) will be emailed along with a list of the week’s Rainmaker’s events in your region to our Rainmakers database.

Your Article and Profile on the Rainmakers Website

In addition to the email, a page will be set up for you under the “Featured Members” tab right here, highlight you, your business, and the article written about the problem you solve for customers. This allows your article to be accessed well beyond the initial impact of the email and searchable along with other featured members. In addition, a form is added on the bottom of your page, allowing viewers to fill out and recommend connections from your page.

Your Statistics Available within 72 Hours

Much different from other promotions, the impact of this program can be measured and reported right away. A report of the number of emails sent, opened, and the number of times your article was read will be provided to you. For an additional charge, you can choose to follow up with those who read your article and share the solution you provide to the problem that was highlighted for you.

**The fee for our Featured Member Program is $199

Certainly a great value for Rainmakers members, but there is a limited space available.

If you think you might be interested in this program, please contact Matt Maudlin at matt@GetTheEmailExperts.com or 317.407.9110


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