Featured Member: Joe Heinbaugh

Featured Member: Joe Heinbaugh

The “Unclean” Truth about Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a great flooring when it comes to comfort and warmth, but it definitely collects a lot of dust and germs that can affect the health of our family and pets.

Often, carpet cleaning is a commodity. Companies will come in or you rent equipment and supplies – apply the cleaning chemicals, and are done. But did you know that your health is truly at risk with this method? Here’s what you need to know.

Most carpets already have chemicals in them.

Did you know that most carpets are made of synthetic fibers that are all treated with chemicals? Here are just some of the dangerous chemicals found in standard carpet emissions tests – acetone, formaldehyde, benzene, and xylenes.

Don’t compound this with typical “cleaning” chemicals

Typical carpet cleaning formulas also have their fair share of chemicals. Here are some of the common ones found in cleaning solutions and spot removers – pesticides, formaldehyde, acids, lye (sodium hydroxide), disinfectants, and more. Why would you compound the problem by putting toxic chemicals on top of toxic materials, and are you comfortable with the potential chemical reaction between the two?

Consider the benefits of using green products

There are other alternatives that you should consider when you’re planning to have greener and healthier home & work environments. Carpet cleaning with environmentally safe products is much safer and healthier – removing toxic odors while cleaning and reducing the chance of mold – much more than traditional cleaners.

This spring consider the health of your family and co-workers and choose a safe cleaning solution when you are ready to clean. Since the cost is often the same as traditional methods, why wouldn’t you?


Joe is owner of Real Green Cleaning – a residential and commercial cleaning company using only 100% environmentally friendly 100% green seal certified cleaning products. Learn more about how they can make your home or office healthier and environmentally friendly at www.realgreencleaning.com


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