Featured Member: Mike Wilson

Featured Member: Mike Wilson

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Maintenance Company

It’s that time of year. Spring is in the air and we all begin to turn our attention outdoors. Every year we dream of the perfect lawn and landscape, but frequently time and ability keep us from achieving the look we want on our own.

Outdoor maintenance companies can be the solution to this, but not all companies are what they appear to be. A truck and a mower doesn’t make someone qualified, but often without the right information, we can’t tell the difference until it is too late.

Here are three ways to find that rose among all the thistle when it comes to selecting an outdoor maintenance company for your home or business.

They Should Be Consistent and Reliable

A key to a perfect lawn and landscape is consistent effort, an your outdoor maintenance company should provide this. Expect your company to show up and do what they say they will, when they say they will do it. They should also look and be professional at all times. Make sure they always notify you when they have been there and what they have done for you.

They Should Have Years of Expertise

One of the biggest differences that will set a company apart is their expertise. Ask companies you are considering to share how long they have been in business as well as their registrations/certifications, insurance and liability policies. If they are serious and experienced, they will have them. Don’t put yourself (or your yard) at risk.

They Should Solve ALL Your Outdoor Needs

Many times, homeowners or businesses feel they need to contract with multiple companies to get all their outdoor needs met. That is not true if you hire the right company. Talk to them about ALL your needs – such as lawn care, fertilization, landscaping, outdoor lighting, hardscapes, pool maintenance, irrigation or others. Simplify your life and hire one company to handle it all.

Ready to be the envy of all your neighbors this year? Hire the right company and you sure will be. If you feel Carmel Landscaper can help you in any way, we are ready to show what we can do.

As a fellow Rainmaker, we offer you and your friends a special offer – 1st mowing free. Just try us out for FREE, on us, and see the difference we can make.

Carmel Landscaper is a full-service outdoor maintenance company. With 24 years of experience, we’re fully licensed, insured and qualified to make your lawn and landscape simple for you and beautiful to look at. Contact Mike at (317)708-3405 to talk about your needs or learn more about them at www.carmel-landscaper.com

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