Featured Member: Vanessa Lammers

Featured Member: Vanessa Lammers

What to Expect from a Professional Home or Office Cleaning.

Honestly, the problem with most cleaning companies is YOUR expectations. Most people don’t realize what they should expect from their cleaning company and therefore don’t seek after the ones who give it. Here are three things you should consider:

They should use all natural products

Seems simple and straightforward, but it is not necessary to “clean” by putting toxins and chemicals on things. Talk to your professional cleaning company about the products they use. At White Glove Boutique, we use essential oils and other all natural products to clean with. They offer natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal attributes as well as smell fresh and clean.

They should clean better than you would yourself.

Why hire a professional if this isn’t true? Clean means clean! At your home that means cleaning light fixtures and ceiling fans, moving furniture to clean, taking apart fixtures, removing all rust and hard water stains, washing walls and baseboards, and yes, even doing laundry if required. In your office it doesn’t mean just emptying trash, it’s also disinfecting phones, keyboards/mouse, washing windows, mopping floors and more.

They should be someone you trust.

Expect the same person in your home or office each visit every time. You have valuable property and you NEED to trust the person there. A badge or a company shirt doesn’t form a relationship with you. You should be on a first name basis with your professional cleaner.

Always expect a “top to bottom” cleaning from your professional cleaning company. You work hard to allow someone to come in your home or office to clean for you. Make sure the company you hire truly respects that.

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Vanessa Lammers is owner of White Glove Boutique, a cleaning service company specializing in helping you take control of the mess in your home or office. They do this by focusing on the total health of your space – only using all non-toxic and chemical free products to make your home or office not only clean, but healthy as well. You can learn more about their amazing services at their website www.whitegloveboutique.com or by calling Vanessa at (317)410-0284


Vanessa’s Niche:

  • ongoing home or office cleaning
  • after construction / remodeling cleaning
  • pre-sales cleaning

Good Connections for Vanessa:

  • Realtors
  • Property Managers / Business Owners
  • Kitchen Remodelers
  • Carpet Cleaners


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