Featured Member: Kelly Thrasher

Featured Member: Kelly Thrasher

How a Lawyer Can Run a Practice without the Office Work Running the Lawyer.

Running an office can be a full-time job in and of itself. It often becomes even more complicated since it’s typically not the lawyer’s primary focus. At More Clients NOW, we focus on improving attorney’s office work where THEY need it most – and for our clients, it makes all the difference.

Three of many services we provide that may help your office:

With More Clients NOW- The Lawyer is ALWAYS open

We provide 24 hour access to the law firm. We use a 24 hour live person answering service so you are sure to never miss a client call. “What Is ONE Client Worth To You?”

With More Clients NOW- Within our business system we have multiple resources to get your desired results.

We provide “Total Office Solutions” from the task of data entry, to assisting and finding court coverage for counsel, contract paralegal services for those times you realize you’re overwhelmed. We also offer office start up solutions.

So, how can More Clients NOW help you?

Often small law firms may not be staffed appropriately, either in numbers or skill-set. Supplementing internal resources with more qualified and often less expensive resources can often make a HUGE impact on a practice.

We enjoy helping our attorney clients be more successful by focusing on what’s important in their practice – and that’s helping others.

Kelly Thrasher is owner of More Clients NOW, a company that helps individual lawyers and small legal firms attract quality prospects in direct need of their services. They set up office systems so the office runs more smoothly by becoming more time efficient and cost effective for the client. For more information, visit their website at www.moreclients.net or call (317) 370-5032


Kelly’s Niche:

  • Lawyers with 1-5 employees and in business for 2-5 years


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