Featured Member: Kay Johns

Featured Member: Kay Johns

How Rainmakers “Benefits” Kay’s Business

As a long time Rainmakers member, Kay Johns has certainly seen changes, not only in his business, but also with Rainmakers. But according to Kay, Rainmakers has never been a better value for his business than it is now.

As co-owner of Intelligent Insurance Network, a firm specializing in helping small to medium size business realize significant cost savings with their employee health care plans, Kay can easily get wrapped into working “in” the business rather than “on” the business.

“I didn’t realize how short-sighted I was being with my business until I began to take advantage of the recent training through Rainmakers,” Kay said. “Those training sessions have helped me to realize I was the one hindering the growth of our business, and now I know what I need to change as a result.”

Kay has continued to attend regular training sessions, as well as become the chairperson of a newly formed power circle for HR professionals. Their focus is to help each other with connections and business advice that leads to quick growth for all power circle members.

Because Kay has some very innovative health care products that most employers don’t know about, it’s key for him to have a real action plan to market and sell these new programs. And Rainmakers is a big component of this plan.

“Not only am I using Rainmakers to gain new and valuable connections for my business, they are also providing me the tools and training to leverage those relationships. I have been amazed by how helpful the tool kit has been to my business. Address Two and Match Maker have been instrumental to the recent success I have been realizing.”

Excited about the future of his business, Kay would love the opportunity to share more about their unique and cost-effective health insurance, life insurance, disability and long-term care benefits. If you know a business owner looking to provide more for their employees while reducing their portion of the health care costs, you need to have them talk to Kay.

Kay is ready to provide health benefits to other businesses because Rainmakers is providing benefits to his. Let Rainmakers help you too.

Kay and Intelligent Insurance Network provides a 10% discount on long-term care for all Rainmakers. Contact him today at (317)408-7271 or by email at kjohns@intelins.com

Kay Johns is a co-owner of Intelligent Insurance Network, which provides health insurance and benefit programs for employers and individuals based on cost and need. They have solutions for all your insurance concerns.. For more information, visit their website at www.intelins.com or call (317) 408-7271


Kay’s Niche:

  • Companies that have a good corporate culture. 20 employees and up. They have been in business more than 5 years.

Good Connections for Kay:

  • CPA’s
  • Attorneys
  • Business Coaches
  • HR Consultants


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