Kay Johns of Intelligent Insurance Network

Kay Johns of Intelligent Insurance Network

Kay Johns, of Intelligent Insurance Network, has compiled multiple benefits that are now offered to ALL Rainmaker members, their family and their employees for 10%-40% off!

Kay has been a longtime Rainmaker and believes in the power of Rainmakers to help people grow business, knowledge and friendships.

The insurance opportunities available under the association benefit include:

  • Members receive a premium discount not available to the general public.
  • Simplified issue underwriting may be available.
  • Eligible family members receive a premium discount and may receive simplified issue underwriting. Family members include: spouse, adult children, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and in-laws.
  • Applicants may choose benefits to fit their individual needs and budget.
  • Coverage is provided by individual policies which are fully portable.

Here is what his customers are saying:

Here’s what is truly great about Kay. He believes completely in what he does, his sales process is entirely disarming, and he isn’t going to shove someone into something that they either don’t need or don’t want. His follow up is sharp as is his memory for the details. He is generous with his time, his resources, and his friendship. I am glad to know him, and believe he would be a valuable partner to anyone as a service provider and associate.

I would like to offer a few comments regarding observations that I have made, and in some situations experienced from my involvement and interactions with Mr. Kay Johns. Not only have I received requested client materials and engagement; moreover, I have been very comfortable recommending him to friends and associates.

In my initial contact with Mr. Johns, I began to see that he is concerned about the problems of others, and was willing to offer suggestions for issue resolution freely without compensation.

Kay provides a unique product through the Intelligent Insurance Network with a variety of solutions coupled with his professional ability thus allowing him to know how to help others, develop trust due to his high level of concern for their situation, and to provide new solutions that best serves the individual or company’s insurance needs.

I have found Kay Johns to be very ethical, and works comfortably with both diverse and cohesive communities. He has also shown concern for potential and current clients, which usually means researching multiple carriers to find plans that best fit their needs.

Kay has a passion for client interaction, providing communication sessions and business sector seminars, peer counseling, personal training and development. Although he manages many complex tasks, he always retains a pleasant smile.

For more information, please contact Kay Johns directly at:

Intelligent Insurance Network

8520 Allison Pointe Blvd

Suite 220

Indianapolis IN, 46250

866-246-3681 office      317-408-7271 cell              317-713-2950 fax


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