Kathy Jordan – it works!

Kathy Jordan – it works!

Another inspiring story from a Rainmaker…

“…I wanted to share a story about why I LOVE what I do. I was working with a buyer casually since April of this year. Just as they were getting more serious about their move, he was notified of shocking news: his contract job was being eliminated.

At first, they said he had a month then they said he had until the end of October. In the middle of July, they said he had two weeks.

In the meantime, I told my client that I knew loads of people, and I would keep my eye out for him. I didn’t make any promises except to forward his resume along. I sent his resume to a handful of people I know.

He had two interviews that June.

When I found out he was given just two weeks at his current job, I knew things had to happen quickly–I reached out to the two with whom he had interviewed.

The result…. he starts his new job on Monday with a connection I was able to make!!! This is what it’s all about for me… givers gain.

Yes, I am a residential Realtor, but being able to help folks with whatever their needs are is what thrills me.”

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