Would people pay you to know what you know?

Would people pay you to know what you know?

Yesterday, I met Ari Weinzweig with the famed Zingerman’s Deli. They have built a relative food empire that has culminated into not only food tours, guides to good eating and a book called “Building a Great Business.” It has been touted reputably as one of the best restaurant brands and independent concepts in the country.

Here is what I see the company has realized. They have recognized the value in how much great “business intelligence” they have created over the years and how that has allowed them to grow at such an incredible rate. This intelligence is directly related to their growth and the growth to the intelligence. Meaning the more you know about “how” you are growing the more people in business want to know what you know. So much so that they have a book and customer training division that has allowed them to make money on their IP.

Think about the training you had from your last restaurant job in college and ask yourself if you would pay for it?  Watch this video, shadow this server, ok you are good to go. Not exactly transformational.

Would other business owners pay for the “business intelligence” you have created in the development of your business? If the answer is no then get back to the drawing board. Awesome for you Ari!  Go Green!


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