Schedule and Checkbook

Schedule and Checkbook

Nine years ago, a great friend of mine said to me “Show me your calendar and your check book and I will show you what is important to you?”  The comment caught me off guard and I wanted to dispute it.  I thought there were many things I cared about that I didn’t spend time or money on that I cared about?  I mean right, don’t you.

Reality is that I had a lot of excuses,  a lot of reasons, a lot things I wasn’t consistent with what I said was important or even really valued and what I was doing with my time and money.   This is something I think we all really struggle with… Tonight it took me 30 minutes to get my laptop up on the web.  Why do I still have a PC, I watch so many Mac users get online or be working in just seconds.  Why haven’t I, bought a mac?  I don’t value my time enough to make the switch or just make some other kind of change… then I started to think that I could be talking to my girls and be putting my time into something better on a whole new level like writing a blog or helping a client or even calling my mom or my best friend.

Here is my point: watch your check book and your calendar and you really “will” know what is important to you.


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