Standards vs Goals

Standards vs Goals

Change your standards and everything changes. Set goals as a way to challenge yourself to innovate and implement new ideas, tactics and strategies.

We should always set goals as there are great constructive things we can get done with ourselves by pushing to reaching beyond our current capacity.

Here is why I talk so much about standards. Standards start from of a place of valuing you. . of making the assumption you deserve a new level. Goals are a mile marker in you attaining g a new vision for your future… Creating a new standard is a decision that there is something you will not live without in your life and that you are worth it.

You already have standards for your health, wealth, family and spiritual life already. The decision to change them is just that a decision.

Yet creating a new standard can be one of the best decisions you make.

Once you make this decision you will figure out ways never seen to you before to get to your standard. Once you make this decision you will figure out how to be the person that deserves the new standard. Once you make the decision you will become the person that creates the result consistent with the new standard.

Your standards are the foundation for your growth and the goals are great ways to challenge yourself to more production and activity with deadlines.

If you want a great house then build a great foundation. Hey, you deserve it.


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