Early and Often

Early and Often

My job is pretty awesome.  I get to work with some of the most dynamic and incredible entrepreneurs.  They rarely have hardly anything in common except one thing.  They work early and they work often on themselves as well as their businesses.  They have invested consistently on themselves and their businesses early and often.  Their personal history usually is darted with early and frequent investments of education, experience, mistakes, recoveries and triumphs, failures and successes.

They play the game more and they work hard at it. Success is not a result of rolling the dice and accidentally winning.  It is a result of working on it until they become successful.  It is about getting up early and getting up often, even when you have been knocked so hard your teeth hurt.  Even when it almost is so painful you can’t open your eyes to see it.  It is about getting up early and getting up often.

If you get up early and get to work you have half of the formula done.  If you get up often after you have been knocked down then you get the other half.

This country needs to get back to a place where we value those who get up early and often.  Those are the kind of people that create new jobs, new products, new services and in the end a new economy. Life and Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Here is the thing if you are not willing to get up early and often then you are missing the “pursuit” piece.


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