Did you know you are a Hero?

Did you know you are a Hero?

I hope this e-mail finds you abundant.  Did you know that you are a hero? If you face your fears and do things even when you are in fear of the result, outcome or process, you have courage.  The trick about having even a little courage is it is like a muscle and when you flex it consistently it grows. In growing, you get greater and greater capacity to be courageous… Sooner or later someone sees you flexing that courage and deems you a hero.  When they do, you start to believe it and the whole process just repeats and becomes stronger.

Why not just go ahead and move as if you are hero right now since that is what you are going to do anyways?
Why not just stop procrastinating feeling that fear until later since you are already a hero.

Go get it and be someone’s hero!


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