A Friend in Need of Our Help

A Friend in Need of Our Help

Dear friends,

I have a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer 11 years ago at the age of 27. She is now 38. She was blessed to go 5 years without the cancer returning (she would get a cancer ribbon tattoo for each year she was clear as a reminder of how blessed she was).

Unfortunately, a year and a half ago the cancer returned, but this time it was in her liver, lymph nodes, and lungs. She continued to be a fighter. She stayed extremely positive even when the doctors told her there were no guarantees the treatment would cure her. She even found a way to see some humor in losing her hair during her radiation treatments. About 6 weeks ago, she went to the hospital for back and neck spasms. The diagnosis: a cancerous brain tumor was the cause. Never in a million years did she think cancer was the reason. The doctors got her started on radiation and chemo immediately. Just a couple weeks ago, she was told the cancer is now in her brain tissue, spinal cord and blood stream. Doctors gave her 3-6 months to live. She is STILL determined to beat this disease. Doctors said she would most definitely lose her hair during treatment and this time it wouldn’t grow back. She told them to give her a Mohawk and dye it pink!  That is so Debbie!  On October 25, she was told because of how aggressively the cancer is spreading she will be lucky to have 1-3 months to live.

She lives in New York and her family is back here in Indiana. We are unsure right now if she will be cleared to travel back to Indiana to spend her final days. We have contacted Flight Angel to fly her for free or a group of friends lined up to bring her back by car. She has an 18-year-old daughter who lives in New York with her, but her parents, brother and close friends are here. She moved to New York several years ago due to her husband relocating for a job. He left her shortly after moving leaving her stranded out in New York without a way back home. To top all of this off…she has NO life insurance to cover funeral costs.

Are there any organizations or businesses that would lend a helping hand to assist my dear friend with these costs?  Her parents don’t have the means to pay for a funeral. We all are just heartbroken over her long battle with this horrible disease. She has been a true fighter…. she have NEVER given up. She has truly WON THIS RACE!  She is a HUGE encouragement to others around her and those with cancer and anyone who will get it. She has been such an inspiration to me as well as so many others. I just want to be able to give back to her!  She deserves some peace of mind after her long, long battle with cancer!  One of her last wishes is to be buried with her Yankees jersey in a pink casket…

Can you PLEASE help me?

My deepest gratitude goes to anyone who will help. A donation account is being set up in her name. Title: Fighting for Survival: Debra Abplanalp.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Nate Mishler


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