Self-Esteem Drives Revenue

Self-Esteem Drives Revenue

Did you know that you can grow your sales right now?  Maybe even double them with in 90 days, care to take the challenge. Here is how:

Build yourself esteem for the next 90 days. Go to work on building yourself up. Here are the things you need to do every day for the next 90 days:

  1. Use Brian Tracy’s mantra. I like myself. I love my work. I can do it, I can do it, 100 times a day.
  2. Make a list of things you are grateful for and read them everyday, periodically re-writing them.
  3. Make a list of your greatest achievements and read them everyday, periodically re-writing them.
  4. Books on CD, replace the news and the radio with Books on CD. Turn your car into a training ground for a positive mental attitude. Brian Tracy, Sandler Sales Training, Little Voice Mastery are great starts.
  5. Write your goals every day and get them in front of you periodically visualizing you successfully achieving them.
  6. Find people that are moving and achieving their goals and cheer them on and inspire them with your accountability and motivation.
  7. Find people that have impacted your life and thank them with gratuity and love.
  8. Do simple, random acts of kindness for strangers, like buying someone’s coffee or lunch.
  9. Recruit and Refer clients for your clients like it was your job!

10.  Rinse and Repeat all of these steps until you find yourself catapulting out of bed.

Self Esteem comes from the ritual you use to maintain your mind. If your ritual improves so will your esteem. If your self-esteem improves, you have the ability to take more rejection, which is part of the job of selling. If you get more capacity for this you have more capacity for selling and guess what you get better at it.

If you are small business owner and you did this challenge for 90 days everyday, I bet you can double your business in yes-just 90 days. Care to take the bet?

Either way you win and guess what so will the other people in your life and so will your business. Come you are worth 90 days, so is your business, just bet me. . . .


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