Not Ok is the Sign of Being Ok

Not Ok is the Sign of Being Ok

Not ok is the sign of being ok with yourself! I know that sounds weird, but it hit me today talking to a friend of mine over lunch. I realized how much this guy shared about “how un ok he was”. He was and always has been at least as long as I knew him very “self examining”. He was so conscious about how he was “showing” up as a leader, a parent, a husband, and as a businessperson.

It made me be more conscious and “self examining” and yes deprecating toward how I was “showing” up. He didn’t hide he just was ok with his mistakes because he accepted himself and in doing so, got to work on himself everyday.

My friend is very successful by all rights. He has a great business, a great house, and a great family. But he is also very human and therefore, very likable. It really illustrated to me, yet again, that great is not perfect. By definition in being human, it is flawed, but it is also the delicate balance of striving through strife that makes us great.

Here is my point. The things that usually frustrate you the most in others is usually your core issue. The strongest leaders share their weaknesses freely. The strongest and most fulfilled people don’t look at life as a competition with others but a path to improve themselves.


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