Courage is a Decision of the Mind

Courage is a Decision of the Mind

Over the last few weeks I have found myself getting to those moments where you start to doubt your plan.  The goals you put forth and wrote down, the vision you illustrated and communicated with others.  We as leaders, as rainmakers, as entrepreneur’s and sales people face the teeter totter effect of dealing with the outside world and how if effects what we are, how we are, and what we produce.  We know when we are on and we are off.

Let’s face it we all have times where we doubt ourselves. . . . That is where courage comes in.  To be weak, scared, and fear something and to proceed anyways.  That is courage; it is not the absence of fear but the facing of it and making the decision to move on anyways.

It is about facing giants of fear, failure, criticism, and fatigue and elevating above it.  Deciding and then Doing can be the most powerful combination.  Far greater than any fear.  You were designed for greatness so go face it.  Just decide, just do it.

I have the very big luxury of coaching people in these moments where I see myself.  I get to talk them through their fears but truth be told, I really get as much out of this as they do at these moments.

Oops don’t tell my secret


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