Everything I learned about Prospecting I learned from my Bulldog

Everything I learned about Prospecting I learned from my Bulldog

We have a Bulldog that loves to skateboard. She wasn’t exactly crazy about it though she started. Actually she was scared of the board. She wouldn’t come close to it, and she used to bark at it like she thought it was a threat to her.

The process of training an animal is all about getting small contracts of trust that lead to big contracts of trust.

First step a treat for touching the board

Second step Feeding her on the board

Third step a treat for two feet on the board
Fourth step a treat for pushing the board
Fifth step a treat for 10 feet of a pushing of the board
Sixth step a treat for an extended ride

The trick is to reward along the process for small contracts of trust and gain.

How many of us try to close business in one call or expect our bulldog to skate board just by buying the board and showing up with it and a treat? The answer is just about everyone that you have meant with and found yourself annoyed because you realized someone tried to snow you with 40 minutes of calculated small talk looking to “slide in” a sales presentation “because you seem like a sharp guy”.

Our dog loves to skateboard, she looks forward to it. Because she bought it, we didn’t sell it and it was not threatening. Make sure you are giving treats along the way.


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