It all Starts with Why?

It all Starts with Why?

When I get a team to enroll in a vision . . . for growth or a new goal or new sales motivation, I always start by sharing my why. My personal goal is to ring the bell on the NASDAQ. The abundance this would create for me will allow me to execute my “why”. 
What is a Why? My reason is that I want to achieve or die trying. A reason bigger than me or anything I am here to Be More, to Serve More to others on a higher level. I have always felt as a marketer and a sales person this is one of the most important things you can identify. My Why is the following:
I want to start a foundation for disadvantaged kids. I want to create a charter school that teaches a entrepreneurial educational format. (kind of like Tech High, but for Entrepreneurs). I figure I need to have 5 mil to spare to get it going. I hope you like people that think big. This foundation would scholarship the best students to the entrepreneurial programs at IU and Ball State. We would then take the best and do a mini-grant of 50,000 to 500,000 depending on the business plan to get going.
One condition, they ( the entrepreneur) have to commit 10% of profit to the Rainmaker Foundation for the life of the company. This puts young people from all color and backgrounds working w/ successful people from all kinds of backgrounds to work together. This would allow the organization to be reciprocating in its development and to be able to build more schools of the kind.

This is mine, what is yours? It is my belief that fundamentally the reason most people don’t share something like this is it takes a lot of courage to share. Most of us don’t achieve such things, right? Well guess what most people don’t identify their own or share it either. 
Your Why will defines your Vision, the bigger the vision the more people you enroll, the more you enroll, the more leveraged your action, the more you leverage your actions the more exponential results become. 
I think a healthy conversation with yourself or your team sharing the “why and vision of your goals” and what you plan to do with it would be empowering. Sharing this will be a powerful way to get people past their immediate fears.

It allows average people to do remarkable things!


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