Stick and Move

Stick and Move

Every day we have a choice to be a producer or a taker. To create or to consume, to be a negative or positive influence in your family, our community and our world. Some days we end up in the positive and some days we end up in the negative. It is only with our consistent attitude, philosophy and the summation of our courage and our fear does this equation play out over time.

If you find yourself consistently a part of the population drawing down more resources then you have then maybe it’s time to check your attitude, your philosophy and whether or not fear or courage is winning in your life.  You need courage you need every day to take action. It is only action towards a goal of production that will produce.

Stick and Move, today is the day to do the thing you fear the most. Today is the day to live your life in action. Today is the day to produce!


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