Be a Hero Again

Be a Hero Again

When you were born, you were fearless. You were taking on challenges daily. You would talk to people you didn’t know, try things you have never tried, and man, could you would make an adventure out of anything. . .

You see, you were aware of so much more than what you are now (no offense), you knew how everyday was a gift. You lived for the now!

This Christmas, my daughter and I got stuck in Austin TX (on Christmas day) without the ability to get out. We proceeded to have an adventure, no restaurants open, nothing to do, and a bland hotel that Southwest decided “made up” for the inconvenience (yes, a blog about my disappointment with Southwest Airlines is coming).

I have one sentence to say, “It was awesome!”  Now, I have to tell you my little girl is pretty awesome anyway, but her attitude and demeanor and sheer joy for the “right now” was contagious. Everyone we came into contact with became part of the “Christmas Experience.”

I was tired, frustrated, road-weary and having one of the best times of my life . . . Now, don’t get me wrong, I missed my little girl and I couldn’t wait to see her but it was a great Christmas for so many reasons. Here is my point: my daughter is not afraid, she hasn’t lived a life where she let someone down, especially someone she cares about, being vindictive is not in her vocabulary. She is about fun, joy, and the pursuit there of. It comes with some challenges, but what kid doesn’t?

Here is what I know: I learned a few things that Christmas Day.

Here is the most important: Christ was a Hero for so many of us because of how he showed up and showed us how we could be. We all have sins where we hurt someone we love, do something we are not proud, or just plain forget how to dream. . .

We get mired in the crap of what we did instead of what the next moment could bring or whose life we could touch. Our fear stops us from acting freely like the heroes we once knew . . . isn’t that ironic?

We learn how to hurt and how to be hurt, and over time, it causes us to stop living our lives.

Here is what I am trying to tell you: my daughter is oblivious to the word, “Hero.” She just wanted people to be happy. She hasn’t been around enough to question herself, and therefore she just acts out by reaching her hand out to connect w/ another hoping to find some joy for her and the other.

I, like many of us, have made mistakes and have experienced the hurt that comes with life and started to second-guess my ability to be a hero.

We all can be that hero.

We all can make that difference.

In this New Year, you have the chance to let go and recognize your place here.

Be someone’s hero.

Live abundantly and share it.

Letting go of your track record could be just as easy as saying, “I’m a hero, and I recognize my place to create joy for others.”


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