Play Bigger

Play Bigger

If you take a second to really embrace that you were created in the image of something infinite in wisdom, abundance and grace, you start to understand that you have been designed for more, designed to play bigger.  You focus on your flaws and your short comings yet in you is the capacity for greatness, for works of art, technology, science and literature we may not fully understand in our times.

Here is my point.  Today is the day to decide to play bigger.  To make the conscious decision you are here for greatness and to move accordingly.  You could continue with the cloud you have looming over you head or you could see that cloud for what it really is.  The shadow of the purpose you have not truly embraced, the purpose for your life that you could create for yourself if you just allowed yourself to speak it.

Speak your greatness into life, find your purpose and live accordingly.  I know you face challenges but you also have resources that only you can tap.  Talents given you by God, now what you do with them is your gift back to him.


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