Why We Love

Why We Love

So funny the human mind how at any given time we can believe what we believe.  We think, no we know, we are right in what ever idea we have fixated on at that point, we fight, hold grudges and even go through orchestrations of machinate to hold our ground and win our points. 

Sometimes we spend all this energy and most of all time on these meaningless or even petty stands.  I find myself asking my dad (who we lost last year) what he would think of all these things people do. (or more to the I do) My Dad a had a kind of been there done that type of energy.  He had made many mistakes in his life and many with his family.  He lived the life of someone who knew the waste of time and energy that we all go through fighting fights we think important at the time.

I think he would get that wry smile he had where he knew he could be totally useful with his wisdom and really make you feel he understood and he “lived” it.  Oh, sure as his son it really got old but other people just fell into his accepting and forgiving energy.  I think Dad knew his time was getting short and wanted to make an impact in peoples lives, mainly his family.  He wanted them to not go through some of the pain he had seen. 

I think it is easy to forget why we love our family, or any of the people that are important to us.  The heat of the moment, the paint of a hurt, the wronged or disrespect we feel makes it easy to overlook why we love who we love. 

I think we love because it makes us closer to our maker, to see greatness in others.  To forgive them of their humanness and see them for their greatness.  We love to accept the faults in ourselves and to celebrate the chance that greatness can live in us as well as the people we love.

We love to give of ourselves and believe there is greatness in others as well as ourselves.  Love is not easy but, maybe it is not supposed to be.  .  .  Maybe we when we forget why we love we should understand that loving someone else can change the world and always has. 

Whether it is Martin Luther King, Ghandi or my Dad.  Great people were great because so many loved them.  Kind of funny huh? 



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