Accountability Partners

Accountability Partners

Have you ever had a great accountability partner?  One who meets you at the gym at 5:30 AM when you are committed to lose weight? One that hops in the car with you to make calls on new prospects, when you are down in the dumps because the day before gave you a bunch of “No’s?”  The good ones kick our butt and call us out when we do not follow through on what we say we are going to do. The good ones make us sweat a little bit. The good ones are among the most important people in our life.

The best way to become “top of mind” is to help others achieve success. Start by being someones accountability partner.

Accountability is a key ingredient to success in networking, especially in the Rainmakers model. It is one of our five core values.  

Now, combine accountability with strategic relationships, another one of our five core values, and you have a winning strategy to achieve success.

If you joined our Leadership Development Program (LDP) Call on Monday, you heard Nikki talk about this very subject.

Did you miss the call? No problem, the calls are recorded each Monday and are available until the next LDP Call is recorded (the following Monday).

Listen to the recorded call: 

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