Sales Esteem

Sales Esteem

What are you doing to build your Sales Esteem? The way you value yourself as a sales person?

There are three simple things you can do to build your Sales Esteem.

Change your Identity:

You change your perception of sales people. Sales people get a negative wrap. People think of slick, faster talkers or used car salesmen. I always challenge people on their basic identities of sales people. I try to interject pioneer, frontier’s men, relationship catalyst, solution expert, match maker, life saver, bridge builder, disease stopper, expert, subject matter expert, facilitator, connector, economic driver, etc. All of the above things are true. What we choose to take on as an identify can effect our Sales Esteem.


Change your Scoreboard:

Instead of measuring your life in popularity or feedback, move it into controllable actions like calls, testimonials, connections, dispositions, RFP’s responded to or presentations delivered. Too many times we as sales people live on the highs and lows of the way we feel after a meeting rather than the real numbers that drive our business.


Change your Value:

Every service and product usually finds a competitor but people can always be an individual. You can always decide to be different from your competition even if your product or service isn’t. You can always be the one person that remembers birthdays, writes personal cards, sends great anniversary gifts, is an exceptional public speaker, builds networks for your clients, is genuinely interested in their family, is always positive, is always candid, is always great with follow-up, etc. In short, you can always add value to “YOU” as a person. You always be a player that separates yourself from your competition in the sales world.

Build your Sales Esteem and you will work your way through the sales funnel faster and with greater results. Best thing of all is it’s controlled by you!



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