Make Helping Others as Important as a Client Appointment

Make Helping Others as Important as a Client Appointment

Andre Gibson, Owner of Sycamore Commercial Lending and Chair of Rainmakers Fishers, was on the Leadership Development Call (LDP) yesterday.

Andre has had huge success in his networking efforts and he shared some wonderful information that has helped him succeed. First, you will stand out if you follow-up. Second, see networking as an opportunity to help others.  Third, get specific!  

Andre shared how his networking success changed as he became more specific in his explanation of how others could help him. At first, Andre would ask for a connection to any small business that needed lending help and as later changed his “ask” to for bankers and the connections started pouring in. It is important to make it easy for people to understand how to help you.

Finally, Andre shared the importance of taking a leadership role in networking.  Leadership allows you to help more people because they see you as the “go-to” person. Leadership also speeds things up. People get to know you more quickly. The one thing that tends to hold people back from jumping into leadership is the fear of how much time the role will take.

Andre shared his position on this and basically the results outrun the time by a long-shot. Andre challenged us to put more time into our networking. Make it really important to help others and to ask for help. Watch the big changes that happen!

Meet Andre in person this Friday, March 2nd at AM Fishers!  

AM Fishers (Powered by the Money Talk Power Circle)  7:30 AM – 9:00 AM, RAM Restaurant and Brewery


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