The Quick Six

The Quick Six

Ever feel like you are having one-on-one meetings with the “right” people, but you cannot bridge the gap between the initial meeting and becoming strategic partners?  

I hear this feedback a lot and it sounds something like this, “We had a great meeting, but I haven’t heard from them since.”

Donna Amos, President of Solopreneur Solutions and Chair for Rainmakers Cincinnati, shared a great strategy on the Leadership Development Call yesterday. In summary, Frequency and Follow-up are key to success in networking. Each one of us need our own strategy for this.

Donna introduced the concept of The Quick Six. The Quick Six is a follow-up/touch strategy that Donna uses each time she has a one-on-one meeting. This strategy simply means you touch the person you had a one-to-one meeting with six times within the first week to set a strong foundation for building the relationship. Donna shared examples of the ways she does this:

  • personal greeting card
  • “thank you” email
  • introductions
  • resources and tools
  • follow-up to the introductions made
  • connect through social media (many different platforms)
  • Donna’s daily inspiration email
  • Invitation to an event

Donna Amos challenges each of us to put a system in place to bridge the gap from initial meeting to building a mutually beneficial relationship. Create your Quick Six and start using it this week. Set yourself a reminder 60 days from now to check-in on your relationship development process.  

Are things changing because of your system?


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