Take the Lead in Your Networking

Take the Lead in Your Networking

For most members, you know it is no secret that we launch a lot of great leaders in Rainmakers! We provide multiple platforms for our members to step outside their comfort zone and “Be More.”  

For those of you who are already in leadership within this awesome organization of people who “Pay It Forward,” we hope this short message inspires you to leverage Rainmakers to a higher level and for those of you who are not yet plugged in to leadership, we hope this message inspires you to jump in!

Amongst many, here are five things that Leaders in Rainmakers create for themselves:

1. Credibility 

Perception is reality. How do you show up to others? Are you being recognized at events? How about leveraging the opportunity to publicly speak? Or leading small groups during Rainmakers activities? All of these things are available to help build your credibility among your peers.


2. Recruiting strategic partners versus transactional business 

Once you are plugged into a leadership role, we are recruiting for you specifically. You let us know who you need to meet and we are bringing them to an event and introducing them to you as a leader in the organization.


3. Commitment to frequency and universe  

When you are in Leadership at a particular Rainmakers event, you are seen at the same place over and over for frequent touch of those you have already met. Plus, you grow your personal database each month with the guests who attend your event.


4.  Help and get helped 

When you are in Leadership at Rainmakers, you have a home base, your event, to help your strategic partners and for them to help you. What does this look like? You bring guests for each other to introduce face to face.


5.  Leverage

Leaders know how to leverage time. Being in leadership for an event allows you regularity in leveraging your time to touch multiple people at once and to make new contacts. This position allows and teaches you to consolidate many meetings into the event time.


Take the lead, and see GREAT results!




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    You hit the nail on the head. In my background, I have learned that one of the biggest mistakes businesses make is not taking the lead when it comes to making contacts. Many have a sit and wait formula with failed advertisement campaigns, but do not take the lead to make contacts. They make excuses such as the economy is bad for the lack of business. In the business cycle they are at a level of nonexistence and they fail to move off that position and failure is eminent. Rainmakers offers so many opportunities, but you have to take advantage of those connections and business will flourish. The more connections the better and then be sure to produce what you promise. Still, the most important step is take the lead.

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