Accountability: Do You Have It?

Accountability: Do You Have It?

Being 9 days into our Rainmakers 90-Day Health Challenge has me really believing that the Rainmakers core value, accountability, is the secret sauce to making the Rainmakers program work (or really anything work for that matter).

 Many of us have great ideas, we have been to fantastic seminars and read exceptional books to help us better ourselves, right?  But, many-times these great ideas, the fantastic seminar notes and the exceptional books with all of the highlights sit on our bookshelves or in our drawers.  My point is, we have lots of things we can do to better ourselves personally, relationally, our businesses, finances, etc.  The information is all out there for us to pick up, read and follow along with.  The secret to actually doing something with the great ideas and information is accountability to putting the plan in action and following it.

Here is my challenge to you: Pick one thing you want to get better at this month.  Maybe it is initiating contact with people and driving your pipeline?  
Now, set a goal for yourself in that area, like, “I need to be at 6 networking events this month and I need 15 prospects to add to my pipeline.”  Find someone to hold you accountable to doing this.  Ask them to make sure you check-in with them once a week with an update.  (Rainmakers sure does make this easier…..reach out to one of your Rainmaker friends and ask for accountability help).
For me, I started accountability partners in my life nearly three years ago.  It started with financial accountability to get out of debt and it has grown into accountability to my pipeline, community service projects, my faith, monthly sales and now my health.  Being 9 days into our 90-day health challenge, I am down 4 pounds and feeling energetic and confident.  This stuff works.


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