Abundance is one of those words I just love to use because I feel like it describes very simply what we all want to have and feel.  I took a second today to look up the definition. 

abundance [əˈbʌndəns]
1. a copious supply; great amount 
2. fullness or benevolence from the abundance of my heart

I try to start all my e-mails with the phrase “I hope this e-mail finds you abundant”. I have struggled with the feeling of abundance for most of my life, both in the appreciation of what I have, what I have done and what I am capable.  I have worked with people from a coaching format that have struggled with the same things.  The reason I start my e-mails this way is that I truly believe that abundance is an attitude or mindset.  I know that at my lows and at my highs, abundance can come with just a changing of the way I look at things.  The Bible refers to this as “free will”.  With everything we have a choice, more choice biologically than any other animal on earth.   We also have seen the evil cousin to abundance called jealousy.

I think it is completely natural for these two feelings to battle in our heads, but it truly is a choice on which one wins.  Being jealous of what someone else has or does, especially when you know them, is really quite ridiculous.

Abundant people starve to find other people with the attitude of creation, and I mean that in all the ways you can take it.  They starve to share what they have found and how they have found abundance in their life.  By the very definition of being abundant they are in the process of seeking to give it away.  The only thing that can stop you from receiving is by taking an attitude of jealousy.  Jealousy is the direct attitude of “you have taken mine, so I must take yours” and unfortunately we are the only being on earth that can feel this emotion on the highest level.

I believe that God has given us exactly what we need to create abundance in this world for ourselves and our loved ones.  The time we spend seeking to take from others or being jealous of it is just a way to avoid embracing that talent He has given us.   You crown the year with your bounty; your wagon tracks overflow with abundance. Psalms 65  

It is really just a choice to see it or believe you have to take it from someone else.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to compete and I love to beat the other guy.  I also love to love to the other guy, because I know what that pushes me to become.  In business sometimes we spend too much time mourning a loss as if it was something taken from us, something we were entitled to that was taken away.  This is a dangerous attitude to have because it doesn’t allow us to look where we need to, which is within ourselves and what WE need to do be and stay abundant.


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