Meet the Newest Rainmakers – May 31, 2012

Meet the Newest Rainmakers – May 31, 2012

Meet our newest Rainmakers! If you or know someone who could benefit from their services, contact them!

Scott McLaughlin from Fifth Third Processing Solutions
Fifth Third Processing Solutions offers healthcare providers the ability to process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and check payments in a way that allows them to increase patient satisfaction, improve cash flow and reduce accounts receivable.

The provide specific solutions that give healthcare providers the ability to set-up patient payment plans, set-up an online patient payment portal, and determine insurance eligibility and estimate charges owed at the point of care.

Scott’s main focus is to recommend Healthcare payment solutions that help providers gain efficiency.

Scott is looking to meet Doctors, CPAs, Physician Group or Hospital CFOs, Controllers or Administrators. Scott is also looking to work with or other companies that are primarily working with the healthcare field.

Phone: 317.362.2237

Jody Michele Powers is an Author, Motivational Speaker, and Creative Artist (
Jody is an Author, motivational speaker, and creative artist. Her current short novel Unmasking, is available on her website. Jody focuses on two things: proving that people with disabilities are more than their disabilities and inspiring people in general to see themselves as they truly are–unique, special, and awesome.

Jody was born with Cerebral Palsy, and as a result, uses a power chair. She has both visual and speech impairments. What she’d like for you to know: don’t assume her life must not be very full, because, guess what? Her life is not easy, but it is full of joy. Jody’s intention is to inspire others to find joy.

Phone: 765.287.9852

Adam Parsons from act4
act4 is built around acting FOR YOU. They take care of all your branding visual needs of representation to build YOU and your business into the success you deserve.

Services they offer include Coaching (health, fitness and mentality), Photography (Specializing in product photography), Image enhancement (See portfolio for examples), Print (Including printer solutions), Web (Development, SEO), and Smart media (e books, sites developed for new media).

They are passionate about the details and consistencies of your image to your customers because how YOU and YOUR BRAND looks MATTERS.

act4 is looking for Indiana-based companies that market products (preferably nationally) and require photography, image clean up/enhancement as well visual representation through web and print media, whilst upholding defined guidelines and monitoring their company as a brand.

Check out Adam’s portfolio:

Phone: 317.379.1998

Welcome to Rainmakers!


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