Meet the Newest Rainmakers – June 7, 2012

Meet the Newest Rainmakers – June 7, 2012

Meet our newest Rainmakers! If you or someone else you know could benefit from their services, contact them!

➤ Katherine Collins from K. Collins Insurance Agency with Farmers

Katherine provides peace of mind to customers by making sure the things they love most are protected. Katherine has worked in the claims department and helps her customers make sure they have the right kind of protection.

She speacializes in working with vehicle dealerships (boats, jet skis, motorcycles, ATV), as well as loan officers and small business owners.

Phone: 317.294.0903

Wendy Mellencamp from LIFE

LIFE is a leadership development and life coaching business. Wendy helps people live the life they’ve always wanted by providing life changing information specifically in the areas of Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Freedom, Following, Friends, and Fun! We also recently launched a 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge (think P90X but for your brain)!

Wendy offers some of the highest quality/lowest cost leadership and personal development materials in the marketplace! She has had the privilege of learning from two of the top leadership experts in the world and founders of LIFE, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady

Wendy is expanding her team into the Indianapolis area, and is hoping to meet ambitious members looking for a change in their life while helping others and in return, get what they want as well! 

Good connections for Wendy would be Sales Trainers, HR Managers, Realtors, and Life Coaches who want to give their workforce a competitive edge (through the Mental Fitness Challenge). 

Check out Wendy’s personal website.

Phone: 812.569.4917

➤ Kim Stoneking from Vantage Group

Kim serves businesses and individuals by offering Organization and Individual coaching which helps them accelerate profitability and realize greater potential. Kim Specializes in leadership development; strategic planning; sales; customer loyalty; time strategies; and team building.

He is unique in that his coaching is Holistic; he helps his clients achieve greater success professionally while balancing that with goal setting and achievement in their personal lives as well. All processes are custom-built around the goals and needs of the client, and guarantees satisfaction.

Kim is looking to meet business owners whose clients are leaving and doing business with their competition, who are experiencing high staff turnover or low staff morale, owners of family owned businesses, senior living facilities, sales people who want to make more money while having more time to pursue personal goals, and executives with non-profit organizations.

Phone: 317.313.9522

Welcome to Rainmakers!


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