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What We Buy

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Most people make decisions with the right brain only after they have been pulled in a direction by their left brain.  The truth is we would love to believe we are logical creatures (especially men).  That we make well thought-out, calculated decisions and then move.  If that were true, there would be no such thing as a Harley Davidson, Starbucks or a Rolex.  We make decisions with both sides of the brain and in business we need to justify our inspiration, motivation and willingness to buy through a business case that can or should be made through case studies, blogs, testimonials, infographics, power point decks and models.
It is the same process just a lot more complicated, layered and riddled with wins and losses because of not understanding how these to sides of the brains come together.
Here is a powerful checklist for your sales process:

  1. Do we have hair raised on the neck stories? (if you don’t your people are not connecting emotionally with the people you are selling to)
  2. Is our business case a slam dunk? (if you aren’t illustrating that you are the best return on time, energy or money you are failing the selling process)
  3. Would you buy what you sell?  (do you in the sales process find yourself, reselling yourself on what you do or questioning it?)
  4. Who would testify?  (do you have someone at cell phone access that would testify your business or you?)
  5. Elevator test?  (can you make someone excited in 45 seconds about your business?)
  6. Do you have a clear path?  (do you have a roadmap for people to follow to test you, to try you, to buy you, to know whether you are working, to measure you and to refer you?)

Selling is an awkward activity because people try to push people to do what they aren’t 100% congruent with, meaning both sides of the mind are not on the same page.  This is why your sales must integrate with your marketing, your people must sell to both sides of the brain and the way you present your business case is as important as your ability to build rapport.


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    We make the decision to buy emotionally that is why it is important to speak in benefits, how it will make you feel or look. Touching the emotional side of the process, then we begin to justify the purchase with our logic. That is the reason people fall into buyers remorse and it is important that you do good POST sell and remind them of the benefits (emotion) they were buying.

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