Fine Line Between Luxury and Pretension

Fine Line Between Luxury and Pretension

There is a fine line between luxury and pretension.  I like to go to a coffee shop or breakfast bistro to plan my day.  I am constantly in search of a great room, good food, and some wi-fi.

The Eggshell Bistro in Carmel recently opened close to my house.  The restaurant offers alot of different breakfast foods that has come with very unique ingredients and they serve high-end coffee. This starts to look like a winner. I am “ok” w/ the high prices and somewhat “lost” in Carmel unique fare, as I want to see them succeed in starting their new restaurant, but starting to have my doubts.

After I climbed around the tower of chairs in front of the entrance for the patio seating, I was offered a menu,  for my opportunity to get a pressed coffee and delicious breakfast. I preceded to ask for the wi-fi access, but was told that they only use their wi-fi for their POS and I could use their neighbors. I am sure the ice-cream shop would love to know they are paying for the Internet access for their neighbors.

So, I ordered a coffee and wanted something off the menu that had scrambled eggs, rather than a broken yoke.  The server preceded to tell me that the owner “would not” serve it that way because it wouldn’t be as good, and that the menu was designed for a specific gastric design or something like that..Huh? Ok,  I used to be a Sue Chef in another life and I understand what he is trying to do but,  I just can’t stand runny eggs. All I wanted was coffee, breakfast type sandwich, and some internet access. So I left. 

The problem here is you have to do the simple things really well to be considered a luxury.  Be ready to serve, take care of the basic needs beyond my expectations, and make me, the consumer “feel” taken care of.

I got off my incredible cool chair, that was amazingly uncomfortable, and left. I hope they do well in their future, but I think they need to understand their is a fine line between luxury and pretension.


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