Accountability System for Greatness

Accountability System for Greatness

One of my favorite tools in my toolbox is what I call, “Life Wheel.”  I utilize this tool to stay in check with the things that are most important to me and it has produced some astounding results in my life.   I am very excited to share this with you. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have goals, but making sure you are taking baby steps every day towards those goals.

This “Life Wheel” practice can help you do just that.   Stay in alignment with your goals, all of them, and take baby steps, daily, to achieve greatness.

Here’s how it works.  Draw a circle on a standard sized sheet of paper.  Cut that circle into six pieces.  Now, in each “piece of pie” write a word that describes an important area of your life, for example, Health.   Then fill in the other areas with things like, Children, Career, Spouse, Travel, etc.

Now look at each area and rate that area on a scale of 1-10 representing where you are now versus your very best (which would be a 10).   Finally, give yourself homework in each area to start to enhance where you are now towards where you want to be.  It is very important to give yourself a deadline to accomplish these tasks.

As I said earlier, I use this very regularly.  I recommend at least a couple times a month.  And note, your areas of importance may fluctuate from time to time.

I encourage YOU to have a toolbox of resources that make you great.  Remember to share them with others too.


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    I have used the Wheel of Life in my coaching for years. It is a good starting place to show you where you are out of balance. The more round the the wheel is, the more balanced your life is. In my experience, the issue comes down to accountability- can you follow thru on your goals by yourself or do you fall back to your “normal” behaviors after a short time. Changing behavior is difficult. I have some great versions of the wheel,both life and business, if anyone would like to use it.

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      I would love to connect with you to get ideas about my business. I am creating a personal trainer business with a focus on health and wellness. I have a facebook page under my name-Julie Ruse so feel free to send me an inspiring meassage anytime!

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