Be A Connector

Be A Connector

As you go out on your journey today, I encourage you to be a connector.  Get into conversations, find out what someone needs, and find a match for them.  Watch the amazing stories unfold from simple introductions.  The “secret sauce” here is to reach out and introduce yourself to as many people as you can and ask the simple question, “Who do you need to meet?”

Today, I was meeting with a great friend to catch up on some business development work.  As we were sitting in an environment that I have never been before, he said, “Yea, this is Patrick’s office, the guy that you introduced me to that turned into the big consulting gig.”  I said, “Hmmm, I don’t know Patrick.”  He continued to jog my memory and I said, “Ah ha!”  I was in a random coffee shop one day and ran into a colleague and he introduced me to Patrick.  I asked Patrick, “Who do you need to meet?”  He said that he needed someone to help him with recruiting of sales talent.  I quickly said that I knew a great guy and made the introduction.  That introduction turned into a great opportunity for a friend.

Be helpful.  Go out of your way to learn about others.  Always be connecting.  We can change the world with this behavior.


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