It Does Not Have to Be Perfect to Get Started

It Does Not Have to Be Perfect to Get Started

The best way to get started on something is to jump in. How many people keep things on their “To-Do List” for months, or even years, because they did not feel fully prepared to start?

Just jump in.

 Once you have already took that first step, there is not anything left to fear. You did it. What is the worst that happens?  You fail? Ok, so you fail and you get to start over again and continue where you left off. Keep going and you’ll continue to get better.

I meet people all the time who are “getting ready to get ready.” This is a pattern that will show up in every area of your life if you allow it.  If you start to jump in; you will start jumping in, in many other areas of life. This is a habit that produces results.  

Put yourself out there. Try it. Get better and better. Take the jump and get started!


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    Change is hard, if it was easy…everyone would do it. If you don’t start… it will never happen… Thanks Rainmakers for helping us change to move forward…. You guys are the best…

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      Good stuff — I jumped into the 11′ deep pool before I could swim; my Mother saved me — it was a great experience, not unlike Rainmakers — thx for helping us change to move forward also

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