Eliminate “Anybody” and “Everybody”

Eliminate “Anybody” and “Everybody”

Word of Mouth Marketing is the best way to grow any business or cause.  What is better than someone else endorsing you?  What a compliment!  Plus, this type of business lead is really set up to succeed, much more than a answer from a cold call (2 out of 100, maybe? Very unlikely chances).

Good word of mouth marketing for a company or an individual does not happen over night.  It starts by picking a niche or a target market.  Word of mouth marketing is about helping others help you by sharing something specific that you need help with.  When there is a specific “ask” (or specific need), our brain recalls something quickly.

Want to create word of mouth marketing for you?

First step, eliminate the words: anybody and everybody.  No one knows anyone with the name or description anybody or everybody.

So, get specific and “ask” for things like: medical offices, HR Directors, logistics companies, business bankers,  people who are getting married, etc.

People can think of those who fit these criteria.  We can search these words in our CRMs.  It doesn’t work, however, for anybody and everybody.

Make it simple for others to help you.  


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