Vision Recipe

Vision Recipe

Want everything you desire out of life? You can have it. No, that is not a ‘Pollyanna’ response. This is factual.  

Life is what we make it. We create our life. Nothing “happens” to us. The life we are living is what we have created and our future is up to us to decide and make happen.

Do you have a vision for your life?

Whether you do or do not, I recommend adopting these crucial pieces of a vision.

BE.  What do you want to BE in your life?

DO.  What do you want do DO in your life?

HAVE. What do you want to HAVE in your life?

GIVE.  What do you want to GIVE in your life?

With all of the answers to these questions, I recommend you go as deep as possible with your answers (Remember you are creating your life in these answers). Use descriptors like, what you see, how it feels, what it sound like.

Brush up on your vision regularly. You are creating your life. Spend time in the details.


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    Thanks for the timely advice! I used this as the outline for my 2013 personal plan and it took me places I hadn’t considered in the past, especially the “BE” and “GIVE” questions.

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