What’s Your Social Strategy?

What’s Your Social Strategy?

In today’s world, we are balancing multiple roles and authorities. The lines between your personal brand and company brand will blend, especially on LinkedIn. I’m often asked, “How does LinkedIn work for you?” I leverage my LinkedIn to reach new strategic partners and perpetuate current relationships. It’s one of the best ways for me to keep in contact with

How can LinkedIn work for you?

  • Connect with an intention. When connecting with new people, have a purpose for why you are reaching out to them. What is the goal you are trying to achieve by reaching out to connect with this person? How can the both of you help each other? Think outside the box. Sometimes the answer isn’t as clear as you might believe.
  • Organize your connections. Whether you have been an open or closed connector, I recommend organizing your connections with tags. Categorizing your connections will help you effectively maintain your relationships. It may be a tedious job for some of you, but once you are finished, you’ll have a clear understanding of the industries and roles of your connections.
  • Stay ahead in the news feed. The more you share, comment, and participate on LinkedIn, the more of an influencer you are in your networks’ news feed. Stay top-of-mind with your connections. 

Learn to leverage your connections, build better partnerships, and use technology to help grow your business. Develop a strategy that will help blend your personal


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