Gratitude in 30 Days? Make It 365

Gratitude in 30 Days? Make It 365

Over the weekend, I met with a dear friend who helped us get on the topic of people focusing on their shortcomings versus their talents.  Why do we do that?  You know when I mean, when we focus on all the things we are not good at or did not get complete versus focusing where we shine?  We all do it.  

November is a month of Thanksgiving and gratitude. Many of us are focused daily on sharing our gratitude, which is a wonderful practice, but I challenge you.  I want to encourage us to develop a Gratitude Wheel.  If you have read other blogs of mine, you may have read about my Life Wheel practice that helps create the life we want, stay accountable to achieving our goals, and keeping things in balance.  So, I thought about it, what if we do the exact same practice for gratitude and recognition of our accomplishments? Sounds like a great idea to me! 
The Gratitude Wheel process is this:
  1. Draw a large circle on an piece of paper
  2. Cut the circle into 6 or 8 pieces of pie
  3. In each section, write a word that describes an important area of your life (family, spirituality, career, etc)
  4. For each each section reflect on the word you wrote and how you are great in that area of your life.  Make notes on your drawing or write a journal entry with this practice.
Sit in gratitude for the person you are and the person you have become.  I know it’s applicable to the month of November, but why not do it every month!


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