Get Ahead in Your 2014 Marketing Plan and Leverage Tools You Already Possess

Get Ahead in Your 2014 Marketing Plan and Leverage Tools You Already Possess

Is 2014 sneaking up too soon and you’re thinking to yourself, “Whoa, 2014 is just around the corner and I have no set plan in action!” Don’t let that stop you. Instead, think about what you have done in 2013 and the relationships you have already built. 

Start by writing down a list of the top 20 people who were valuable in your company’s growth throughout the years. We all have them, but sometimes we forget to stay in touch. These people could be your strategic relationships, business colleagues, or people you have good synergy with. You probably have already done a lot of work to get these top people to be apart of your business success. Stay top-of-mind and reach out to these 20 people with a “Thank You,” and/or possibly a gift. Take the time to let your top 20 know that you were thinking of them and value their relationship. If you haven’t reached out yet, now is the time to do so. 

Next, leverage LinkedIn! If you don’t know, I use LinkedIn daily for business development and relationships. Get on your LinkedIn and endorse your top 20 for a skill (or multiples) that best represent them or add a new one they did not think of yet. Maybe in a month or two, you can write a recommendation on LinkedIn sharing a story of a time when they exceeded in their industry. Also, ask them how you can help them! Is there someone on your LinkedIn that you can introduce them to? They will remember how you were able to give back.

Lastly, ASK for help! If you aren’t asking, your top 20 probably aren’t familiar with what you need. If you don’t stay in contact with your top 20, they might not know what you are looking for right now nor are you top-of-mind for them. Be specific with your ask and make it easier for them. 

If you are behind on your marketing plan for 2014, these best practices should help you remain in contact and be an asset for your top 20 that has helped you. For more business development advice, visit my channel on Indy BizTV Shows.

Remember, Be More, Serve More ®.


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