#BeARainmaker: Our Vision for 2014

#BeARainmaker: Our Vision for 2014

Thank you to everyone who came to the #BeARainmaker 2014 Vision Event. We have been waiting to share our vision with you for 2014 and we were thrilled with the amount of positive feedback we received.

This is the year Be More, Serve More® is expanding to BE, DO, HAVE, and GIVE our very best and to help one another do exactly that. 2014RMvision

To assist us in continuing our mission, expand our vision, and strengthen our events, we are happy to announce Bryon Foley as the Rainmakers Leadership Ambassador. “But what about Boomers & Beyond,” you might asked. No worries! Bryon will still be leading this event! He will be a mentor to the Rainmakers Leaders in creating great events and great boards!

We will be hosting LinkedIn Roundtables to better train members in leveraging LinkedIn in your business development for 2014.

Rainmakers will also be releasing a new software called Rainmakers Connect, which creates a system for us all to become better connections in our community for one another.

Be Do Have GiveSTRETCH is a mastermind group with high accountability and goal setting. More details to come on how to get invovled!

This year we will be taking a WorkVation, “Best and Brightest” to Playa Del Carmen! This trip includes educational sessions, fun activities, and a relaxing stay in a beautiful, all-inclusive resort. Details will be coming soon!

Lastly, but still just as important, we will be doing quarterly SERVE MORE events. To help us in this mission, David Voelker, the very first Rainmaker, will serve as chair of our Serve More Projects moving forward.

This is the year to get involved with Rainmakers! Have you browsed our calendar for upcoming events and trainings? If you are a member, are you in our Members Only Facebook Group? Have you scheduled a 30-strategy session or have gone to one of our trainings? If not, please DO! If you have questions about how to be active in Rainmakers, please call us at 317-840-8118 or email us! We need YOUR help to bring our 2014 #BeARainmaker vision to come to life! 


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    do, be, have, give………nice and simple and appropriate and memorable…a little gem to carry around in my pocket

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