Life is a Game of Chess

Life is a Game of Chess

This blog by John Maxwell is spot on. The first step in improving your life, is to improve yourself. What are you working on today to improve and enhance, you?  
A great mentor once told me that the first thing you should do everyday is pick the one thing you will do that will scare you and get it on your calendar.  She didn’t do this once every few years or months, it was an everyday practice.  Everyday is a chess move or two. Success does not happen over night and we have to be committed to the long term plan and taking the strategic “chess” moves.  
End each day with reflection and give yourself a pat on the back for your hard work and note the opportunities for growth and do something about those!
– Nikki 


Maximum Leadership: Improve Yourself

Time for a history lesson: The Stone Age didn’t end because humans ran out of rocks. It ended because we kept learning and improving. If you think about it, the desire for self-improvement is written into our DNA. Through the ages, the most successful people have been those who could tap into their deep drive to improve themselves. Learning to perform better day by day and studying those who share that commitment is a special passion for me, and I believe it’s important for any leader. In this second adaptation from my new book Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn, I’ll share some of what I’ve discovered about self-improvement. 

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