3 Simple Ways to Improve Business Meetings

3 Simple Ways to Improve Business Meetings


“Let’s schedule a meeting”

Your reaction to this phrase could illicit a squeal of delight (I know. Work with me), or it could cause hives. For some, in-person meetings are considered passé since in today’s work environment, we can easily skip the face-to-face and opt for meeting via Skype, Google Hangout, conference call, etc. Say you get the call from a hot prospect and they want to schedule a face-to-face meeting. Consider these tips for planning a meeting that is both considerate and productive.  

First, decide if a meeting is necessary. This may seem obvious, but some companies conduct a meeting for everything because it’s a part of the culture. As a result, meetings end up wasting time and zapping productivity. Determine if what you want to accomplish can happen with an email or phone call. 

If a meeting is in order, prepare an agenda and send it out in advance. It will give people an opportunity to research and prepare. An effective agenda will include a time frame, meeting points, and expected outcomes. If you want people to present or come prepared to make a decision, then let know in advance of the meeting so that they can do so.  Be sure to stick to the agenda; people will appreciate it.

Lastly, follow-up after the meeting.  A quick email will give participants an opportunity to seek clarification or work on action items.

Plan a better meeting and avoid giving people hives.  Want to schedule a strategy session? Call us at 317-840-8118 to schedule a 30 minute session.



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